Thursday, November 23, 2017

Journey of My Hair Back from Violence - My Part Two

Since having my hair ripped from my scalp by a violent family member, I have been doing everything I can to heal my scalp as best I can.  Only a miracle will restore the damage, but I go by faith and not by sight.  One side of my head has been restored but the remainder still needs loving care.

I made a decision last year to shave my hair on the sides again so that I may better touch my scalp to apply the natural herbs and oils.  This has worked on my left side very well and that hair is now chin length.  I actually had to shave the left side twice.  My scalp actually was still tender so as it grew back my scalp would be so sore just by the weight of the hair.  Today the scalp has healed and I don't see any visible signs of scarring.  The hair from the follicle with the worst pulling out has now thickened.  Sadly my right side has more work to do, but I will continue to do what I did to my right side as I did on my left.

5 Steps to Follow

Let me recap a few tips I have learned when you have your hair ripped out.  Step one cut all the hair around it very short immediately and apply an antibiotic to help heal the wounds as well as an antifungal especially if someone ripped your hair out (their fingernails may contain a serious fungus and will contain bacteria).  Step two, begin using only natural products to take care of the scalp like aloe vera gel and flaxseed gel.  Step three, wash your hair often.  Actually, wash your hair more often than you usually do.  For instance, if you wash your hair once a month, now wash your hair every three days and do reapply the antibiotics, antifungal, and natural hair products daily.  The act of cutting the hair makes this process easier.  Step four avoid touching the area too much.  Step five once your outward wound has healed then begin doing scalp massages.  Shaving your hair in that area will help as well because it still may be tender once the hair has grown back in because there is still damage to the dermis unseen.  Massaging your scalp with proper technique and oil will stimulate the deeper healing needed.

Incidentally, what I learned about healing my scalp after violence has transformed my skin on my face too.  Over time I will share more things I have learned too, but for now, those five steps are the most important.  I also give credit to quite a few ladies I have followed on YouTube and Blogs and in due time I will mention those ladies.  I do NOT wish this journey on anyone, but if I can help women and children who are victims of violence then I think this journey is not for naught.

Peace Ladies!