Sunday, January 10, 2016

MY Hair Tragedy

Since October, I have been dealing with a traumatic episode with my hair not of my own making.  Before that fatal day, I had been debating as to, "Whether I  want to display my hair on my new blog?", as I have been building it.  I struggled with the fact of my displaying my hair would breach my privacy.  I know that writing my hair story on a blog shares private facts about myself, but I was not quite up to displaying it with visual aids!  I ...  now,  have decided that I will show my hair soon, especially because what I am going through may help other women.  It is a subject that I have been familiar with and that I witnessed women in my life go through, but that I myself didn't allow myself to make it a thing at the forefront of my mind.  It is a subject that I have been a victim too over and over again, but now it has affected my hair too.  My hair had been the tool I used to break the bondage of my familial tyranny over my life and now,  the one who abused me the most, ripped good portions of my hair out.  So, I am now writing this blog for you, for the women who need to gain strength in getting out and away from bondage of all kinds!  I share my story to help others to get out of situations they may be in denial, or unaware through naivete and/or manipulation like myself.


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