Friday, January 22, 2016

Journey of My Hair Back from Violence - My Part One

So I opened up to you all that my hair had been ripped out by an unwanted touching through force.  I had to make the decision to tell about it because it has affected my blog that chronicles my journey to long hair.  How can I show you my journey to long hair when parts of my hair is missing?  Well I have been forced to be open with you.  So without further adieu, I am sharing some of the things I am doing to get my hair back.

One thing I have been doing since the first week of the trauma is washing those areas at least once a week with a conditioner.  I also apply an amla powder and henna powder mix to those areas.  I leave the mix on for at least 30 minutes and then I wash my hair.  Amla works great because it also strengthens the hair follicle.  Henna is great because it has natural anti-fungal properties.  When a person pulls your hair, then you never know what kinds of bacteria and/or fungus their nails carry.  In my case, I knew the person carries fungus, so I needed a good anti-fungal medicine to ensure my hair will grow back properly.

On my list of to do is to see a dermatologist.  This is beyond my scope so it is good to see someone who has more knowledge than you.  I will update you all when I do and I will be sure to post the questions I asked too.  Well, lastly, but not really lastly I went to the Lord in prayer!  I asked those in the natural hair community to join me in prayer and I believe that has by far been the most helpful.  Since, my blog's title incorporates the Bible, I will do another post on the prayers that I do for my healing and for long hair too.  Thank you for your time!

Peace Ladies!

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