Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Like Dirt Can Wash Your Hair

Sooooooo, I have been very late to the game as far as washing my hair with clay.  No it is not because I was skeptical, but because through my research I found that clay can be carcinogenic.  I had to be truly sure that the clay I was going to use was less toxic to my system.  I now have found that clay and with that being said I have finally found an additional natural product that can replace shampoos for me (yeah even the non-sulfates).

I don't think I mentioned that I am allergic to shampoo.  I have tremendous sneezing fits the next day and some shampoos the day of.  Despite taking a Claritin or even Benadryl the sneezing continues for days!  It all started a few years after going natural and just keeps getting worse.  It lead me to a more natural alternative.

In the last three years, I have been watching vlogs like Naptural85 and reading blogs like CurlyNikki.com and I have gained tremendous amounts of information.   I found that there were cites that I could go to and order natural products and I didn't have to spend time hunting around town for more natural products.  Well one thing I kept seeing was this women washing their hair with bentonite clay.

I have known about bentonite clay, but I avoid it because it is carcinogenic (I learned this from my pharmacist), although it gives great results.  Still there had to be another clay that had cleaner properties and that is where rhassoul clay comes into play.  Unlike bentonite clay, rhassoul clay is more directly from the ground.  It comes from only a few places, one of which is Morocco.  Bentonite is not a mineral like rhassoul, but is often an ash, a volcanic ash  (Williams).  I prefer to have minerals and I have found my body thanked me for it.

So for now I tried it to wash my hair and it got my hair squeaky clean, but heavily moisturized.  It also did not tangle my hair in washing it.  Although it was a horrible mess to put on the rinsing was extremely easy.  It also made any tangles I had come out and stretched my hair.  Oh and the greatest thing of all is that I did not sneeze my head off.  Let me just say that I am a fan.  I am adding this to my regime!

Shalom Ladies!

Williams, Lynda B. and Shelley E. Haydel. “Evaluation of the Medicinal Use of Clay Minerals as Antibacterial Agents.” International geology review 52.7/8 (2010): 745–770. PMC. Web. 8 Mar. 2016.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Journey of My Hair Back from Violence - My Part One

So I opened up to you all that my hair had been ripped out by an unwanted touching through force.  I had to make the decision to tell about it because it has affected my blog that chronicles my journey to long hair.  How can I show you my journey to long hair when parts of my hair is missing?  Well I have been forced to be open with you.  So without further adieu, I am sharing some of the things I am doing to get my hair back.

One thing I have been doing since the first week of the trauma is washing those areas at least once a week with a conditioner.  I also apply an amla powder and henna powder mix to those areas.  I leave the mix on for at least 30 minutes and then I wash my hair.  Amla works great because it also strengthens the hair follicle.  Henna is great because it has natural anti-fungal properties.  When a person pulls your hair, then you never know what kinds of bacteria and/or fungus their nails carry.  In my case, I knew the person carries fungus, so I needed a good anti-fungal medicine to ensure my hair will grow back properly.

On my list of to do is to see a dermatologist.  This is beyond my scope so it is good to see someone who has more knowledge than you.  I will update you all when I do and I will be sure to post the questions I asked too.  Well, lastly, but not really lastly I went to the Lord in prayer!  I asked those in the natural hair community to join me in prayer and I believe that has by far been the most helpful.  Since, my blog's title incorporates the Bible, I will do another post on the prayers that I do for my healing and for long hair too.  Thank you for your time!

Peace Ladies!

Sunday, January 10, 2016

MY Hair Tragedy

Since October, I have been dealing with a traumatic episode with my hair not of my own making.  Before that fatal day, I had been debating as to, "Whether I  want to display my hair on my new blog?", as I have been building it.  I struggled with the fact of my displaying my hair would breach my privacy.  I know that writing my hair story on a blog shares private facts about myself, but I was not quite up to displaying it with visual aids!  I ...  now,  have decided that I will show my hair soon, especially because what I am going through may help other women.  It is a subject that I have been familiar with and that I witnessed women in my life go through, but that I myself didn't allow myself to make it a thing at the forefront of my mind.  It is a subject that I have been a victim too over and over again, but now it has affected my hair too.  My hair had been the tool I used to break the bondage of my familial tyranny over my life and now,  the one who abused me the most, ripped good portions of my hair out.  So, I am now writing this blog for you, for the women who need to gain strength in getting out and away from bondage of all kinds!  I share my story to help others to get out of situations they may be in denial, or unaware through naivete and/or manipulation like myself.