Thursday, October 8, 2015

A Short on Dealing with Breakage

My natural journey spans a fifteen year process with the later half of thirteen years being fully natural.  I have done just about everything you can imagine to my hair and for the most part it has withstood the tests.  And yes, in this more than a decade of returning to natural hair I have experienced breakage.

One thing my hair just could not take was a "temporary" blow dry straightener (that is a later discussion) bleach, color, and heat in combination.  Over time my low porosity, dense, and thick hair simply broke under the weight of it.  I had good habits with the exception of blow drying my hair every wash, but still my hair broke off.  So my journey to health natural hair began in 2011.  I am now four years into my natural hair journey and I am enjoying it.  

I had to take an inventory along these four years of what habits caused the ripe conditions for my long hair to break off.  First, I cut all of the obvious breakage off, simple!  My hair was bra strap length at the time, so I cut off about four inches.  Next, I dealt with the rest of the damage.  I nursed my hair with deep conditioners and protective styles.  I also went through some weird phases like completely shaving a four inch section on the right front side of my hair two years ago.  The rest of the time was rather uneventful.  Three years later (2014), I decided to go on a journey to long hair.

Once again in my four year mark I am dealing with damage again.  My damage this time came from choosing to use the wrong kind of synthetic hair for my twists.  However, this time is different.  I went through the trauma of damaging perfectly long hair after several years of being natural!  Now I know to pace myself and their is no need for me to chop off large sections of my hair.  The short of it is that I just need patience and this too shall pass.  I still will reach my length goals!

Peace ladies!

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