Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Starting a New Journey

I decided last year to stop using combs to comb my hair and in that I decided to also grow my hair long once and for all.  This month I start a new, or, at least, I feel brand new.  It has been nine months and I am starting to see the payoffs.

My hair looks healthier and IS longer.  This time, around I am not chopping it off subconsciously because this is what I was taught to do, but I am methodically on a limit trimming my hair.  I am starting a new way of thinking and it is paying off.  I hope you join me in this new training.

Finger detangling has been a little more difficult in that I have been struggling to just finger detangle.  I confess I have used a comb, a wide tooth comb nonetheless.  I forgive myself in that I am still learning a good technique.

This post is short and sweet and there is more to come!

Peace ladies!