Wednesday, November 12, 2014

I Have an Obsession with Straight Lines

I have an obsession with straight lines.  This obsession made it hard for me to commit to the challenge of finger detangling only for 2 years to obtain my hair length goals.  I don't know if it has to do with the African woman in me that wants the lines for my braids, twists, cornrolls, or whatever requires a part to be straight, but I don't like seeing those stray hairs.  So I occasionally give into my obsession and just part my hair with a comb.

The benefits of finger detangling are numerous, but it takes a while to get the technique down pat for your hair.  The curl patterns on my head are numerous.  I had to strategize on how to make each pattern work for my fingers.  My coily hair works with the rake.  My wavy curly hair has to do a mix and requires a lot of patients.  My straight-ish hair requires me to begin at the ends and NO short cuts.

Have you been finger detangling?  If so, what technique do you use?  If not, then do you have an obsession like me?

Peace ladies!