Thursday, October 23, 2014

Falling In Love With Your Hair!

Once I big chopped I loved my hair, but little did I know that my love for my hair could grow deeper, longer, and bigger.  We have been through a lot together.  I cut her, fried and dyed her, but she still came back stronger and longer than ever.  "It's a journey", we say on every natural hair blog or modem of communication, but did you know it is a journey to love your hair just the way she is?  I have made many mistakes and I am sure I will make more (human condition), but those mistakes led me to learn how to take care of my hair, love my hair.

There are many parts to the journey of loving all of your natural hair.  Sometimes it seems it is just enough to stop relaxing and chop the relaxed hair off.  It also seems just enough to create a routine that works and then magically you become a veteran.  However, there are more steps than those.

I had to realize how my inner thought life affects my feelings about my hair.  I also had to discover beliefs I had based upon outside influences.  For example, the first seven years of me returning back to natural I blow dried my hair every time I washed my hair.  I used oils and things that heat protected my hair, but I was not mindful of the temperature and how I applied the heat to my hair.  So when I decided to try out color I found out just what the consistent us of heat did to my hair.  Certainly not every time I applied heat to my hair did I damage it, but I am sure there were times when I did I had damaged it unknowingly.  Then there is the whole scissor happiness I discovered as well.  I single-handedly stunted my own growth with the over cutting.  All of my examples, were commensurate with the relaxer days.  I had chopped off all of the relaxed hair years ago and loved my natural hair, but I had no idea that I still had some of those mindsets left over.

I am sure that I have other strongholds to overcome, but each day I accept my hair for what it is, then I am able to grow and love my hair that much more.  What things are you doing to know thy hair?  Changing my thought life and surrounding myself with a supportive community as well as seeking images of others with curly hair has helped me.  Before I leave I would like my fellow naturals to sing with me a little song, "Falling in love with your hairrrrr, falling in love with hair, Falling in love with your hair, It's the best thing I can do with my hair!"

Shalom ladies (Peace ladies)!